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“Why homeopathy”? They questioned - Maybe I wanted to touch the souls and not just bodies. We as humans are always abided by the natural laws and all our functions of the body are governed by the natural forces. As a matter of fact, the mode of treatment, should also be natural and based on the nature’s law. And hence homeopathy is the one.

Advantages of homeopathy are as follows

  • 1. It easy to consume and preserve.
  • 2. Only system of medicine which deals with Genetic disorders. And preventing its spread in further generations.
  • 3. Only system which works on the principle of individualization and prescribes constitutional medicine causing holistic treatment.
  • 4. Only science which gives values to the emotional plane of the person, his true character, the innate nature of the person is studied and then the treatment is done and patient gets cured.
  • 5. Its not a palliative science it’s a holistic, nature-based science bringing permanent cure and well-being.
  • 6. Also beloved mode of medication for children as given in form of sweet pills. And having no side effects.

“A tree’s beauty lies in its branches, but its strength lies in its roots.”

We can establish the external beauty by just removing the disease of the branches and leaves while having the root cause being intact and call it a cure. But how long such cure can sustain and this is exactly what modern medicine is doing just annihilation of external symptoms and allowing the disease to penetrate deeply making the core hollow and prone to injurious diseases.

23 November 2022
“The medicines help strengthen the woman physically and psychologically.” Homeopaths have been known to joke that pregnancy is an excellent time to receive homeopathic care since two people (the mother and the fetus) get a remedy for the price of one.

The medicines not only improve the health of the mother, they also benefit the fetus. Although no formal statistical analysis has yet been carried out, homeopaths have commonly observed that the children born from women who have received homeopathic care during pregnancy seem healthier than others. Homeopaths make this conjecture by comparing the children of women from previous pregnancies without homeopathic medicines with the offspring of later pregnancies in which the mothers have received the medicines.

Homeopathic medicines are a literal godsend for many pregnant women who wish to avoid conventional drugs during this special time in their life. The homeopathic medicines are invaluable in treating various irritating symptoms of pregnancy, including vaginal infections, bladder infections, herpes, insomnia, constipation, hemorrhoids, leg cramps, muscle aches, and skin eruptions.

There is now increasing concern about the use of any drugs during pregnancy since the fetus inevitably receives doses of these drugs which can disturb its development. Research has shown that drugs during labor and delivery can have short- as well as long-term effects on infants.

It is generally known that the health of the woman greatly affects the health of the fetus. Since pregnancy can be particularly stressful to a woman’s body, women often experience exacerbations of previous health problems or various new symptoms. Some of these common symptoms and conditions are nausea, abdominal gas, vaginal infections, bladder infections, herpes, insomnia, anemia, backaches, breast swelling and swelling in general, constipation, hemorrhoids, leg cramps, skin eruptions, and varicose veins. Since a homeopathic medicine is prescribed based on the basis of the totality of the symptoms the person is experiencing, it is common for women to experience not only relief of their morning sickness from the homeopathic medicines, but also noticeable lessening of various symptoms. It is, in fact, quite uncommon to see lasting improvement in nausea without concurrent general improvement in health. Although no homeopathic research has yet proven the medicines beneficial to the mother with morning sickness or to the fetus, clinical experience shows that the medicines have promise for the mother, and the consequential benefits to the fetus are inevitable.

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